What Type of Business Organization Is Most Effective?


This short article examines three types of business organizations as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

What Type of Business Organization Is Most Effective?

There are many types of business organizations. This short article compares the benefits and drawbacks of three from them – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporation.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is the earliest type of business organization. Because it has this type of simple setup, it is probably the more preferred forms too. Inside a sole proprietorship, the whole business is managed by one individual, who takes care of the operations, and financial and legal issues.

There are not many condition or federal rules concerning a sole proprietorship and you will find less hassles in managing and controlling it.


o Easier to setup

o Start-up pricing is lower and dealing capital needed is minimal

o Less requirement for paperwork

o Decision making depends upon just one person

o Owner will get tax advantages and all sorts of profits


o Raising the main city may be difficult

o Owner assumes limitless liability

o Business continuity might be affected once the owner is absent


A partnership is really a business organization of several people, who share the earnings and losses among one another. There’s two types of partnerships – general and limited. Inside a general partnership, the assets, liabilities, profits and losses are jointly of several people. Each partner will get some tax allowances and legally owns the assets from the business.

A restricted partnership, however has a mix of a number of general partners and limited partners. The required the limited partners’ are clearly typed in a legitimate agreement.


o It’s simple to form and it has low start-up costs

o There is the one other supply of investment

o Risk is split among several people


o General partners assume limitless liabilities

o Possibility of conflict of great interest and drop out


An Organization is a kind of business organization that is a member of the stakeholders or investors. Carefully held corporations possess a single shareholder while openly traded company might have countless shareholders. The daily working from the corporation is transported by the board of company directors. This board is elected through the shareholders within an annual meeting.

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